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Why Couples Should Get Massages Together

By   06/16/2019

Couples massage is increasingly becoming popular, and for all the good reasons. Many reasons can be given about why couple massage is a booming business. However, one of the main reasons why it stands out is the fact that it promotes the overall wellbeing of the couple. And as a matter of fact, a healthy couple will always be a happy one. Here are some fundamental reasons why you should book a massage session with your loved one.

Positive Feelingsbody massage

A massage session is a proven way of injecting a positive vibe in your relationship. Ideally, a massage to trigger the production of feel-good hormones such as oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin. The presence of these hormones in the bloodstream serves to alleviate tensions and stresses. Considering that each partner experiences these emotional changes, couples will get out of the session feeling great about their life. Most importantly, this positive feeling lasts much longer after leaving the massage shop.

Stress Relief

The levels of stress among the population are incredibly high. Almost everyone you meet out there is struggling with some form of stress in life. Going for a massage is one way you can bring the stress levels down. If you and your partner are treated to this therapy, for instance, you are both assured of feeling a lot calmer. It has been proven that couples massage Hendersonville provides a massive uplift in the romantic, mental, and emotional wellbeing of the partner.

True Relaxation

massage sessions A massage is one of the best forms of relaxation a person can engage in. Nothing compares to the feeling that comes with relaxing in a warm room with relaxing music and scented aromas while someone pampers your body. Tagging your partner along for a couples massage therapy where you get to relax at the same time is fascinating in many ways. Masseuses offering couples massage intentionally position the massage tables close to each other to ensure that your bodies are in sync as far as relaxation is concerned.

While tensions in family set-ups are at an all-time high, couples are encouraged to find ways that will see them improve the quality of their relationships. Couple massage, for instance, is a proven way of improving the quality of a relationship. Not only with the couple be happier, but they also get to enjoy far-reaching health benefits together.

Common Concerns Among Patients About The Significance Of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

By   11/30/2017

Hyperbaric oxygen has been observed to combat many different ailments. As such, many doctors recommend it to patients suffering from some ailments. In this regard, patients continue to enjoy a broad range of benefits of using this form of therapy. However, there are significant concerns among patients about the significance of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT). Here are the leading concerns.

How can hyperbaric oxygen therapy help brain injury ?

One of the benefits of HBOT is its ability to repair the minds under constructionbrain. This is among the many concerns of patients. Patients want to know how exactly this treatment helps in repairing brain injury. During a brain injury, the cells in the brain die. The death may be because of lack of oxygen. This reduces blood flow to the brain. Therefore, by increasing the flow of oxygen in the cells, the hyperbaric oxygen therapy will be repairing the brain injury.

How is hyperbaric oxygen therapy administered to patients?

HBOTis a modern treatment that involves a patient getting in a pressurized chamber. There are two types of hyperbaric chambers i.e. the monoplace chamber and the multiplace chamber. Once in the pressurized chamber, patients wear a mask to get increased oxygen. The administration process has technicians and nurses closely monitoring the therapy.

How is hyperbaric oxygen therapy associated with radiation treatment?

Another major concern among patients about the significance of hyperbaric oxygen therapy is about the therapy and radiation treatment. Many patients undergoing cancer treatment show great concern about this issue. HBOT is an accepted treatment that works to compliments radiation treatment for cancer patients.

xrayHyperbaric oxygen therapy will reduce inflammation in the bones near to these areas where radiotherapy created reactive oxygen species. Furthermore, hyperbaric therapy helps in regenerating blood vessels destroyed by radiation. Therefore, the significance of hyperbaric oxygen therapy has a close relation to radiotherapy treatment for cancer patients.

Is coupling ketogenic diet with hyperbaric oxygen therapy helpful?

The ketogenic diet is useful in decreasing blood sugar levels. It also inhibits tumor development. However, patients have concerns over coupling the ketogenic diet and HBOT. Research shows that coupling the two is effective in slowing the rate of tumor growth while also dropping blood glucose. This means that hyperbaric therapy helps in promoting appropriate sugar levels while also reducing the growth of a tumor.