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By   05/29/2017


Midfielders need to have high-quality hockey sticks, which are also reliable, all round sticks. Your job as a midfielder is to control the ball and deliver a solid pass to the forwards in your team. You need to ensure that you don’t lose the ball once you have it in your possession. You may also sometimes need to push up forward to score, especially when you have a short corner. Also, you will also need to have the ability to make tackles regularly, while having an agile stick in hand for dribbling skills at the same time. These are the reasons why you need to ensure you have a strong and reliable hockey stick. Here are some of the factors need to considered when choosing the best field hockey stick for midfielder.

Toe Design

hockeyThe toe a hockey stick is curved and is designed to complement the way a player strikes the ball as well as how he handles the stick. When it comes to providing maximum agility and maneuverability, smaller toes are most ideal. On the other hand, larger toes are most perfect for providing plenty striking and receiving area of the ball. Also, larger toes also reduce the sticks overall maneuverability.

Field hockey sticks typically come in four shapes: Hook, Short, Midi, and Maxi. Each of these shapes is best suited for a specific type of player. For midfielders, Midi is the most popular toe shape. This primarily helps make receiving, flicking, and reverse play much easier and comfortable.

Stick Bow

Hockey stick bow refers to the slight bend in the stick from heads to handle. The stick bow cannot go beyond 25 inches. Most professional midfielders don’t go for hockey sticks with a huge bow (24 to 25 inches), because they make traps or standard hits a bit harder, even though they are good for overheads or drag flicking. A mid-sized bow (between 19 and 23 inches) is usually preferred because it provides extra power when drag flicking or lifting the ball. It allows for dynamic control as well as competitive level maneuvers.


Most midfielders prefer a middle of the range hockey sticks when it comes to weight. This is because they need a solid hockey stick for tackles. However, it should not be too heavy because of your need to do some quick dribbling, which requires an agile hockey stick.


hockey stickFor a midfielder, a hockey stick that allows good control is most ideal, especially when it comes to dribbling and trapping. Hockey sticks made from aramid seem to be most ideal suited for midfielders. They have the ability to absorb and dampen vibrations sent through the hockey stick when receiving and striking balls. Many brands of high-quality hockey sticks are made from aramid because it is a great balancing material.


These are most important features to consider when choosing a hockey stick for a midfielder. A midfielder needs a good all-rounder stick because he is involved in both attacking and defending, which require him or her to focus on passing skills and precision as opposed to shooting or other skills.