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Why You Need to Know About a Water Flossier

By   06/08/2018

Dental flossing is one of the crucial oral health routines that should be done daily. Taking care of your dental hygiene can help you in preventing painful complications and other serious issues down the line. Many people have been ignoring it because they consider it as difficult, mess or awkward.

Water flossier is a device that is used for removing food particles from the teeth. It works by directing a stream of pressurized water at the teeth. This has made it useful in reducing gum diseases and bleeding. However, this does not mean that it should be used a substitute for the regular flossing and brushing. It is mainly recommended for those individuals having dental implants, orthodontics, and bridges. You can learn more about a water flossier by going through this water flosser review.

Benefits of using water flossier

Reducing inflammation

This flossier is capable of getting between the teeth without causingwhite, healthy teeth any accidental pressure on your gums. Pressurizing of the gum is a common problem with the traditional flossier. This is something that leads to swelling of the gums. All these problems can be avoided altogether by using a water flosser. Reducing inflammation of the gum has been as an effective method of reducing the risk of gingivitis. Again, water flossing is a gentle method that plays a significant role in reducing plaque.

Reducing periodontitis

This method is helpful in getting rid of the excess bacteria and other microorganisms out of the mouth. A flosser does this by pulsing water between the teeth and at the gums. The pressure produced can get beneath the gum line thereby minimizing the accumulation of bacteria between the teeth and the gum.

It is a safe method

The traditional flossing method can damage your dental implants if it is not done carefully. This is something that you do not worry about when you are using this method. It can safely get around your oral appliances thereby making your mouth clean. You can also use in cleaning the parts of your mouth that cannot be reached easily.

It is very effective

This method has been proven to be more effective as compared to the traditional one. It can remove more plaque and reduce the bleeding of gums more effectively. Water can be sprayed easily along the gum line thus making it cleaner. This has made more useful in removing plaque and all the food debris. It is, therefore, easier to use, safe and good for your oral health.

Reasons for root canal complications

By   12/09/2017

Root canals seldom lead to dental complications. However, the possibility of suffering from root canal infections cannot be ruled out complications. Root canal treatments are used advanced medical technologies and thus very successful. However, we cannot completely rule the possibility of having mishaps and unfortunate events during this procedure.

Root canal treatmentsRoot canal treatments

Root canal treatments focus on an infection on either the root canal or the pulp chamber. Different types of injury can either result in tooth damage or an infection in the pulp and the root canal. In most cases, infections are characterized by an abscess containing pus. At the initial stages of this condition, one may not feel pain. You only feel pain once the infection progresses.

The treatment procedure entails removal of structures within the pulp and the root canal. Afterwards, the dentist cleans and decontaminates the root canal and the pulp chamber. Besides this, your dentist will fill the tooth or teeth to replace the removed structures.

Reasons for Possible root canal complications after treatment

It is unfortunate that you may have root canal complications even after treatment. Getting treatment to reverse this may not only be costly but time-consuming. Listed below are some of the aspects that may lead to root canal complications after treatment.

One or more missing root canals

This is one of the most common reasons for root canal complications. During treatment, a dentist may fail to access all the root canals and especially the horizontal and curved ones. This mainly happens if the dentist fails to take an accurate measurement of the root canal. If this is the case, the dentist will not clean the tooth adequately and fill it completely. The result of this is a recurrent root canal complication.

Dead tooth

In some instances, an infection may lead to a dead tooth. Such a tooth may crack or break in when being filled. The result of this is a root canal complication. To reverse the situation, your dentist will carry out an endodontic surgery to remove the tooth.

Many root canals with curves

check up If your teeth have too many canals and curves then, this may limit the effectiveness of cleaning and filling process. In such cases, in the course of treatment, the tool may get into the teeth and cause perforations. In case a perforation is not detected or adequately filled, then it may result in infections.

Other reasons that may cause root canal complications include accidental breakage of tools during the procedure and poor tooth restoration services.