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What You Need to Know About an Ophthalmologist

By   07/08/2021

The medical study of eye conditions is called ophthalmology. Brisbane Ophthalmologist are simply doctors who perform majorly deal with treatments of the eye, including surgery. They primarily work through referrals from a general physician who might find eye problems with their patients who need a better and clearer diagnosis. Here is more on all you have to know about this profession.

Who is an Ophthalmologist?

They are doctors who have specialized in diagnosing and treating eye-related issues. You also have gone further to specialize in certain areas. For example, they can choose to specialize in the retina, cornea, or refractive procedures. There are also pediatrics ophthalmologists. They especially work to treat all the complex eye issues that general doctors do not easily treat. An ophthalmologist can also diagnose and perform corrective surgeries.

Which Conditions Do Ophthalmologists Treat?

As already stated, ophthalmologists treat right about any eye problem. They also help you identify all preventive measures to avoid them. Sub-specialist ophthalmologists, on the other hand, are more specific with the conditions they treat. Some of these medical conditions include cataracts and muscular eye degeneration. They also come in handy in cases where there is a need for complex surgical procedures. For instance, reconstructive eye surgery needs a qualified ophthalmologist. To add, they are also trained to find symptoms that may not be related to eye conditions. They do referrals in such cases.

What Procedures Does an Ophthalmologist Perform?

They are mostly trained and certified to carry out a range of medical procedures. However, the processes they carry out vary according to the specialty they have focused on. Some of the common methods they undertake include prescribing glasses or contact lenses to improve vision. They also monitor and diagnose minor issues related to the eye. For sub specialists, they focus on treating one condition or a few other related conditions. These include cancer treatment, glaucoma surgery, cataract surgery, neoplasm removal, chronic or severe tear duct blockages or infections.

They also repair torn or detached retinas and do corneal transplants.

When Should One Visit an Ophthalmologist?

Most people are referred to an ophthalmologist by a general physician after experiencing chronic or severe eye problems. These are cases like; bulging eyes, excessive tearing, eyelid abnormalities, seeing flashes of light, misaligned eyes, loss of peripheral vision, redness of the eye that is unexplained, etc. also, there are times when one requires urgent care of an ophthalmologist. Their symptoms include sudden vision loss, eye injury, and sudden and severe eye pain.

People are recommended to do a detailed eye exam before the age of 40 for an ophthalmologist to treat any underlying conditions or put in protective measures to avoid any future complications.